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MacMahan et al._Introduction To Rip Currents_JCR 27(4)_2011 1654
Maio et al._Subsurface evidence of storm-driven breaching along a transgressing barrier system, Cape Cod, U.S.A._JCR 32(2)_2016 157
Makowski, Finkl, & Vollmer_Geoform and landform classification of continental shelves using geospatially integrated IKONOS satellite imagery_JCR 33(1)_2017 148
Messaros et al._Assessing the Coastal Resilience of Manasquan Inlet to Sea Bright, New Jersey: Regional Sediment Budget 1992–2003_JCR 34(4)_2018 148
Morang_Hurricane Barriers in New England and New Jersey: History and Status after Five Decades_JCR 32(1)_2016 155
Moreira, Simionato, & Dragani_Modeling Ocean Tides and Their Energetics in the North Patagonia Gulfs of Argentina_JCR 27(1)_2011 2401
Ogston & Field_Predictions of Turbidity Due to Enhanced Sediment Resuspension Resulting from Sea-Level Rise on a Fringing Coral Reef: Evidence from Molokai, Hawaii_JCR 26(6)_2010 2529
Park & Edge_An Empirical Model to Estimate Overwash_JCR 26(6)_2010 2974
Park & Edge_Beach Erosion along the Northeast Texas Coast_JCR 27(3)_2011 2029
Rahmstorf & Vermeer_ Discussion of: Houston & Dean_Sea-Level Acceleration Based On U.S. Tidal Gauges__JCR 27(3)_2011 1384
Rizkalla & Savage_Impact of Seawalls on Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Nesting and Hatching Success_JCR 27(1)_2011 2727
Rosati_Concepts in Sediment Budgets_JCR 21(2)_2005 2732
Seymour et al._Deploying Fixed Wing Unoccupied Aerial Systems (UAS) for Coastal Morphology Assessment and Management_JCR 34(3)_2018 162
Sherwood et al._Rapid, Remote Assessment of Hurricane Matthew Impacts Using Four-Dimensional Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry_JCR 34(6)_2018 164
Stutz & Pilkey_Open-Ocean Barrier Islands: Global Influence of Climatic, Oceanographic, and Depositional Settings_JCR 27(2)_2011 1340
Truong, Ye, & Stive_Estuarine mangrove squeeze in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam_JCR 33(4)_2017 161
Turner, Kearney, & Parkinson_Sea-Level Rise Tipping Point of Delta Survival_JCR 34(2)_2018 159
van Koningsveld, Davidson, & Huntley_Matching Science with Coastal Management Needs: The Search for Appropriate Coastal State Indicators_JCR 21(3)_2005 1870
Wallace, Anderson, & Ferna´ndez_Transgressive Ravinement versus Depth of Closure: A Geological Perspective from the Upper Texas Coast_JCR 26(6)_2010 2709
Warrick et al._New techniques to measure cliff change from historical oblique aerial photographs and Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry_JCR 33(1)_2017 140
Watson_Acceleration in European mean sea-level? A new insight using improved tools_JCR 33(1)_2017 155
Watson_Acceleration in U.S. mean sea level? A new insight using improved tools_JCR 32(6)_2016 161
Watson_Is There Evidence Of Sea-Level Rise around Mainland Australia?_JCR 27(2)_2011 1935
Witherington, Hirama, & Mosier_Barriers To Nesting Sea Turtles_JCR 27(3)_2011 1684
Woodworth & Player_The Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level: An Update to the 21st Century_JCR 19(2)_2003 3139
Zhang & Leatherman_Barrier Island Population along the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coasts_JCR 27(2)_2011 2371

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