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ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Surf hydrodynamics in front of collapsing coastal dunes F. Sancho, T. Abreu, F. D’Alessandro, G.R. Tomasicchio and P. A. Silva 1195
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Measurements and Analysis of Storm Induced Short-Term Morphological Changes in the Western Black Sea E. Trifonova , N. Valchev, N. Andreeva , P. Eftimova , and I. Kotsev 1012
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Environment Monitoring on Coastal Sediment by Using Digital Camera Images at Narugashima in Awaji Island, Japan K. Uno, G. Tsujimoto and T. Kakinoki 1070
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Comparisons of acoustic and optical sensors for suspended sediment concentration measurements under non-homogeneous solutions M.I. Vousdoukas, S. Aleksiadis, C. Grenz, and R. Verney 1034
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Fast-ferry Generated Waves in South-West Tallinn Bay D. Kurennoy, K.E. Parnell and T. Soomere 1072
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Medium term behavior and evolution of a beach cusps system in a low energy beach, Port Stephens, NSW, Australia J. Benavente, D.L. Harris, T.P. Austin and A. Vila-Concejo 979
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Backbarrier evolution at a medium-term scale A.R. Carrasco, Ó. Ferreira, A. Matias, P. Freire and J.A. Dias 1267
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Morphodynamic classification of sandy beaches in enclosed basins: the case study of Alimini (Italy) I. Lisi, M.G. Molfetta, M.F. Bruno, M. Di Risio and L. Damiani 995
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Short-term morphodynamic changes in a fetch limited beach at the Ebro delta (Spain), under low wave energy conditions C. Mösso, J. P. Sierra, V. Gracia, M. Mestres and A. Rodriguez 1009
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Estuarine beach evolution in relation to a flood-tide delta A. Vila-Concejo, T.P. Austin, D.L. Harris, M.G. Hughes, A.D. Short and R. Ranasinghe 1146
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Spatial variations in the wave climate change in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea I. Zaitseva -Pärnaste, T. Soomere and O. Tribštok 1224
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Future scenario simulations of wave climate in the NW Mediterranean Sea M. Casas-Prat and J.P. Sierra 1179
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Urban Coastal Flooding and Climate Change J.J. Diez, M.D. Esteban, R. Paz, J.S. López-Gutiérrez, V. Negro and J.V. Monnot 1124
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Assessment of Future Wave Climate on basis of Wind-Wave-Correlations and Climate Change Scenarios N. Dreier, C. Schlamkow and P. Fröhle 1247
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Assessment of the potential economic damage in Korea from a future rise in sea level J. H. Hwang, S. A. Lee, B. R. Kim and G. Y. Yoo 1190
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Influence of wind wave climate change on coastal processes in the eastern Baltic Sea L. Kelpšaite and I. Dailidiene 1114
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Extreme Wave Flood-Risk Mapping within the Basque Coast P. Liria, G. Chust, I. Epelde, A. Caballero 1190
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Sensitivity analysis of Ria de Aveiro hydro-morphodynamics to the sea level rise integration period C.L. Lopes, P.A. Silva , A. Rocha and J.M. Dias 1190
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Trend Analyses of Intensity and Duration of Typhoons Influencing the Korean Peninsula J. H. Oh, K. D. Suh and G. Rożyński 1209
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Spatial variations in the wave climate change in the Baltic Sea A. Räämet and T. Soomere 1153

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