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ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Vulnerability Of The Brazilian Coastal Zone IN Its Environmental, Social, And Technological Aspects. J. L. Nicolodi, R. M. Pettermann 752
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Physical Effects Related To Relict Sand Dredging For Beach Nourishment IN The Tyrrhenian Sea: The Anzio Case O. Nonnis, D. Paganelli, R.Proietti And L. Nicoletti 657
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Natural And Anthropogenic Impacts On A Macrotidal Sandy Beach Of The Brazilian Amazon (Ajuruteua, Pará): Guidelines For Coastal Management S. M. O. De Oliveira, L. C. C. Pereira, A. Vila-Concejo, A. Gorayeb, R. C. De So 564
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Preliminary Coastal Vulnerability Assessment For Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa B.J. Palmer, R. Van Der Elst, F.Mackay, A.A. Mather, A.M . Smith, S.C. Bundy,, Z. Thackeray, R. Leuci And O. Parak 639
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Beach Management Strategies: A Comparative Coastal Stakeholder Assessment, Gower, South Wales, UK M.R. Phillips, G. Rosser, R.E. Jenkins And M.J. Cullis 830
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Effects Of The Lack Of Coastal Planning On Water Quality And Land Use On A Macrotidal Beach (Atalaia, Pará) IN The Amazon Region K. S. T. Pinto, L. C. C. Pereira, A. Vila-Concejo, A. Gorayeb, R. C. De Sousa And R. M. D 616
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Archaeological Heritage, Landscape Value, Beach Use And Recreational Boating IN Baratti Bay (Italy): Synergy Or Conflicting Interests? E. Pranzini 750
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ The Sustainable Carrying Capacity As A Tool For Environmental Beach Management M. F. Ribeiro, J. C. Ferreira And C. P. Silva 778
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Coastal Erosion And Coastal Defense Interventions: A Cost-Benefit Analysis P.C. Roebeling, C.D. Coelho And E.M. Reis 701
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Landscape Geo-Ecology: Guidelines For The Environmental Management Of The Estuarine Zones Of The Northern Coast Of Brazil E. V. Silva, A. Gorayeb, A. J. A. Meireles And J. M. M. Rodriguez 582
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ The Effects Of Sewage Discharge On The Water Quality Of The Beaches Of Sao Luís (Maranhao, Brazil) W. N. Trindade, L. C. C. Pereira, D. De O. Guimaraes, I. R. Da Silva, R. M. Da Costa 640
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ The Strategy For Integrated Coastal Zone Management IN Portugal. A Comparison Between The Technical Report Proposals And The Official Document. F. Veloso Gomes 579
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Spoil Or Resource? Managing Sediment For Coastal Restoration S. M. Khalil And C.W. Finkl 857
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Wind Wave Conditions IN Neva Bay D. Kurennoy And D. Ryabchuk 975
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Contributions To The Understanding Of Physical Oceanographic Processes Of The Marajó Bay - Pa, North Brazil. L. R. S. Baltazar, M. O.B. Menezes And M. Rollnic 522
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Physical Oceanographic Behavior At The Guama/Acara-Moju And The Paracauari River Mouths, Amazon Coast (Brazil) M.O. Bezerra, C. Medeiros, A.P.M. Krelling, R.P. Rosário And M. Rollnic 591
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Stages IN The Evolution Of An Ephemeral Tidal Inlet Immediately After Artificial Opening M. Bezerra, Ó. Ferreira, A. Pacheco, M. C. Freitas, R. Pires, C. Andrade And R. Taborda 643
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Three Dimensional Circulation Modeling IN The DEE Estuary R. Bolanos, J.M. Brown And A. Souza 789
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ On The Occurrence Of Tidal Bores – The Garonne River Case P. Bonneton, J. Van De Loock, J-P. Parisot, N. Bonneton, A. Sottolichio, G. Detandt, B. Castelle, V. Marieu And N. Pochon 609
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Walls Of The Saltpans Of The Aveiro Lagoon, Portugal – Current Status And Proposed New Solutions Using Geosynthetics D. M. Carlos, M. Pereira, S. Costa, M. Pinho-Lopes, And C. Coelho 590

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