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ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ The Commercial Images Promoting Caribbean Mangroves To Tourists: Case Studies IN Jamaica, Guadeloupe And Martinique J. Avau, M. Cunha-Lignon ?, B. De Myttenaere, M.-F. Godart And F. Dahdouh-Guebas 693
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Beach Quality Assessment And Management IN The Sotavento (Eastern) Algarve, Portugal V. S. Semeoshenkova And A. T. Williams 815
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Amazon Beaches (Sao Luís, Brazil): Recreational Use, Environmental Indicators, And The Perception Of Beachgoers I.R. Silva, L.C.C. Pereira, R.C. De Sousa, S.M.O. Oliveira, D. De O. Guimaraes And R.M. Da Costa 759
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Recreational Carrying Capacity Of Three Amazon Macrotidal Beaches During The Peak Vacation Season R.C. De Sousa, L.C.C. Pereira, N.I.S. Silva, S.M.O. Oliveira, K.S.T. Pinto And R.M. Da Costa 741
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Carrying Capacity Of Sustainable Tourism Based On The Balance Concept Between Ecological Damage Loading And Recovery Capacity L. Sungmin 731
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Monitoring And Management Of Visitor Flows IN Recreational And Protected Areas – A Case Study From Aegna Island Estonia T.Tamme And R. Rivis 874
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Assumptions For The Strategy Of Development Of The Water Safety System On Polish Baltic Coast T. Zalewski 707
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Ten Years Assessment Of Iczm Principles Applied At A Local Scale: Ria DE Aveiro Case Study F. L.Alves, J. V. Silva, C. A. Pereira And L. P. Sousa 873
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Erosion Of A Depositional Coast IN NE Rhodos Island (Se Greece) And Assessment Of The Best Available Measures For Coast Protection C. Anagnostou, P. F. Antoniou And G. A. Hatiris 552
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Integrated Coastal Zone Management IN Venezuela: A Space With Its Own Identity A. Castillo, M. García, A. Padrón, M.T. Abogado, A. Pino And F. Pérez 813
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ A Methodological Proposal For The Development Of Natura 2000 Sites Management Plans A. Gil, H. Calado, L.T. Costa, J. Bentz, C. Fonseca, A. Lobo, M. Vergilio And J. Benedicto 558
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Social Diagnosis And Guidelines For Coastal Management IN Environmental Protection Areas Of The Amazon Littoral (Amapá, Brazil) R. K. S. Gomes, L. R. Takiyama, L. C. C. Pereira, U. R. L. Silva And R. C. M. Ferreira 692
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Development Of Methods To Get Environmental Maps IN A Estuary Located At Pernambuco State, Brazil R. M. Goncalves, T. L. Vasconcelos, C. C. A. Barbosa, D. S. Valdevino, L. A. C. M Sáand C. P. Krueger 595
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Natural Conditions And Environmental Impacts IN A Coastal Hydrographic Basin IN The Brazilian Amazon A. Gorayeb, M. A. Lombardo And L. C. C. Pereira 835
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Reliability Of Coastal Radar Wera For Coastal Zone Management T. Helzel, L. Petersen, V. Mariette And M. Pavec 800
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Environmental Sedimentary Atlas Of The Oceanic Zone Of The State Of Santa Catarina, Brazil N. O. Horn Filho; A.D. Schmidt; J. L. Soares; V. C. Diebe And U. R. Oliveira 672
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Satellite Positioning On The Coast Of The Parana, Brazil C. P. Krueger, C. R. Soares, S. C. M. Huinca, D. Leandro And R. M. Gonçalves 800
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Improvements To A Coastal Management Plan IN Sicily (Italy): New Approaches To Borrow Sediment Management S. Lanza And G. Randazzo 899
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Using Recycled Glass Cullet For Coastal Protection: A Review Of Geotechnical, Biological, & Abiotic Analyses C. Makowski, C.W. Finkl And K. Rusenko 753
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Coast Sandy Strip Fragmentation Of A Protected Zone IN The N Of Mallorca, Spain (Western Mediterranean) M. Mir-Gual And G.X. Pons 774

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