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ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Construction of Fishery Port Considering Harbor Calmness, Water Circulation and Stability: Case Study Young-Taek Kim and Jong-In Lee 1124
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Evolution of the Holocene Coastal Barrier of Pelotas Basin (Southern Brazil) - a new approach with GPR data E.G. Barboza, M.L.C.C. Rosa, P.A. Hesp, S.R. Dillenburg, L.J. Tomazelli and R.N. Ayup-Zouain 954
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Standard Penetration Test (SPT) records of a regressive barrier in southern Brazil S.R. Dillenburg, E.G. Barboza, P.A. Hesp and M.L.C.C. Rosa 963
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Offshore Wind Farms: Foundations and Influence on the Littoral Processes M.D. Esteban, J.S. López-Gutiérrez J.J. Diez and V. Negro 1150
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Coastal-change estimates inferred from remnant cliff-top dunes M. Ferraz, P. Cowell and L. Rebelo 1065
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Medium-term morphodynamic evolution of a small coastal inlet P. Freire, R. Taborda, X. Bertin, M. Guerreiro, A. B. Fortunato, A. M. Silva , C. Andrade, A. Oliveira, C. Antunes, M. C. Freitas, A. Nahon, M. Rodrigues and 810
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ On Modelling Cross-shore Beach Morphology H. Karunarathna J.M. Horrillo-Caraballo M. Spiva ck and D.E. Reeve 1083
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Response of drowned river valley estuary – tidal inlet bay toward s human activities in the past 50 years: a case study on the Dingzi Bay, Jiaodong Peninsula, China Y.L. Liu, Q. Wang, C. Zhan, H.P. Yi, Q. Tian and M.M. 840
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Sea ice shaping the shores K. Orviku, J. Jaagus and H. Tonisson 1252
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ The Rio Grande do Sul (southern Brazil) shoreline behavior during the Quaternary: a cyclostratigraphic analysis M.L.C.C. Rosa, E.G. Barboza, S.R. Dillenburg, L.J. Tomazelli and R.N. Ayup-Zouain 912
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Forecasting and Hindcasting Long-term Morphological Evolution of Estuaries and Lagoons in Response to Sea Level Rise D.M.R. Sampath, T. Boski, F. Martins, C. Sousa, F. P. L. Filho and F. H. Bezerra 947
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Morphodynamic evolution of a microtidal barrier, the role of overwa sh: Bevano, Northern Adriatic Sea M. Sedrati, P. Ciavola and C. Armaroli 1009
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Changes in coastal processes in relation to changes in large-scale atmospheric circulation, wave parameters and sea levels in Estonia H. Tonisson, Ü. Suursaar, K. Orviku, J. Jaagus, A. Kont, D.A. Willis and R. Rivis 796
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Macro scale morphodynamics of the German North Sea coast C. Winter 1362
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Stages of the evolution of the South Baltic coast as recorded in the molluscan fauna A. Wojciechowski 1046
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Internal Sediment Density Structures around bars due to beach deformation using X-ray CT F. Yamada, G. Tsujimoto, and B. Long 1048
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Typology of nearshore bars in the Gulf of Lions (France) using LIDAR technology N. Aleman, N. Robin, R. Certain, C. Vanroye, J.-P. Barusseau and F. Bouchette 1018
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Rapid Coastal Dune Migration into Temperate and Equatorial Forests: Optical Chronology of Imaged Upper Slipface Strata Ilya V. Buynevich, Albertas Bitinas, Pedro Walfir M. Souza-Filho, Donatas Pupienis, Nils E. Asp, Ro 972
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Interpretation of Bottom Types from IKONOS Satellite Images of the Southern Key West National Wildlife Refuge, Florida, USA Charles W. Finkl and Heather Vollmer 998
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Optimization Scheme for Coastal Morphodynamic Model K. Chu, C. Winter, D. Hebbeln and M. Schulz 1043

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