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Comparison of Shoreline Erosion Rates Derived from Multiple Data Types: Data Compilation for Legislated Setback Lines in South Carolina (USA) M. S. Harris, E. E. Wright, L. Fuqua and T. P. Tinker 1152
Morphology and Dynamics of the Base of the Western Jetty, Probable Area for the Rio Grande Port Pilot Station, RS State, Brazil C. Hartmann, T. B. Arejano and J. A. F. Antigueira 1257
Contributing Coastal Zone Management by GIS Analyses – the Case of Finnish Marine Coast R. Kalliola and L. Laurila 1467
Heavy Metal Distribution in the Relict Sand Deposits of the Latium Continental Shelf (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) C. Maggi, O. Nonnis, D. Paganelli, S. Tersigni and M. Gabellini 1227
Have you Ever Listened Coastal Inhabitants? Know What they Think… F. Martins, A. Betâmio de Almeida and L. Pinho 1400
Impact of the Changing Economic Models in the Development of Societal and Environmental Structures of Coastal Natural Parks V. Mercado, G. Malvárez, F. Alburquerque and F. Navas 1140
Coastal Management Issues in Queensland and Application of the Multi-Criteria Decision Making Techniques R.Mosadeghi, R. Tomlinson, H.Mirfenderesk and J. Warnken 1367
Methods for elaboration of a Beach Plan – case study Raínha Beach A. Nave and I. Boavida-Portugal 1481
An Environmental Monitoring Proposal Related to Relict Sand Dredging for Beach Nourishment in the Mediterranean Sea L. Nicoletti, D. Paganelli, P. La Valle, C. Maggi, L. Lattanzi, B. La Porta, M. Targusi and M. Gabellini 1292
Integrating Science into Shoreline Management Practice and Policy: an Irish Perspective M.C. O’ Connor, J.A.G. Cooper and J. McKenna 1385
Strategic Environmental Assessment of the National Strategy for Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Portugal M.R. Partidário, G. Vicente and V. Lobos 1277
Coastal Regeneration at Llanelli, South Wales, UK: Lessons not Learned M. R. Phillips, V.A. Powell and R.W. Duck 1401
The Implementation of the Coastal Observatory in Santa Catarina State – South Brazil M. Polette, Paulo Freire Vieira and Claudia Santos 1432
Soft Management of Beach-Dune Systems as a Tool for their Sustainability F.X. Roig, A.Rodríguez-Perea, J.A. Martín-Prieto and G.X. Pons 1354
Multi-Sectoral Research on East China Sea Beach Litter Based on Oceanographic Methodology and Local Knowledge Satoquo Seino, Azusa Kojima, Hirofumi Hinata, Sin’nya Magome and Atsuhiko Isobe 1078
Badalona Municipality Coastal Management (NE Spain) J. Serra and J. Estebanell 1639
Geoenvironmental Characterization and Urbanization of the Beaches on the Islands of Tinharé and Boipeba, South Coast of the State of Bahia, Brazil I. R. Silva, J. C. Rossi, H. M. Nascimento and T. G. Siqueira 1195
Environmental Status of Urban Beaches in São Luís (Amazon Coast, Brazil) I.R. da Silva, L.C.C. Pereira, D. de O. Guimarães, W. N. Trindade, N. Asp and R.M.Costa 1356
Enhancing Science Impact in the Coastal Zone through Adaptive Learning T. F. Smith, R. W. Carter, D. C. Thomsen, G. Mayes, M. Nursey-Bray, G. Whisson, R. Jones, S. Dovers and K. O’Toole 1445
Evaluation of Sustainability Indicators for the Coastal Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil R.D. Souto, M. Polette and M. Kampel 1440

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