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Coastal Zone Management: Tools for Establishing a Set of Indicators to Assess Beach Carrying Capacity Costa del Sol - Spain) Enrique Jurado, Augusto Gutto Dantas and Carlos Pereira da Silva 1195
Using Observed Market Expenditure to Estimate the Value of Recreational Surfing to the Gold Coast, Australia N. Lazarow 1346
Data availability and accessibility for sustainable tourism: An assessment involving different European coastal tourism destinations C. O’Mahony, M. Ferreira, Y. Fernández-Palacios, V. Cummins and R. Haroun 1000
Climate Change and Coastal & Marine Tourism: Review and Analysis A. Moreno and B. Amelung 1711
Bathing users perceptions and expectations of São Miguel (Azores) Bathing Areas - a pilot study A. Quintela, H. Calado and C.P. Silva 1238
Tourism in Fortress: the Process of Creating a Latin American Network M. Sanches, E. Secomandi, M. Scherer and A. Viveiros de Castro 1253
Developing Nautical Recreational Activities as a Territorial Strategy: a perspective on the Tagus Estuary J. Figueira de Sousa, A. Fernandes and A. Carpinteiro 1410
Indicators for the Assessment of Physical Carrying Capacity in Coastal Tourist Destinations M. Tejada, G.C. Malvárez and F. Navas 1349
The importance of user’s perception for beach management Bruno Vaz, Allan T. Williams, Carlos Pereira da Silva, and Mike Phillips 1645
Valuing Ecosystem Service Losses from Coastal Erosion Using a Benefits Transfer Approach: a Case Study for the Central Portuguese Coast F. Alves, P. Roebeling, P. Pinto and P. Batista 1052
Dynamic of Heavy Metals in the Shrimp Farm Environment A. O. D. Azevedo, J. S. Holanda and A. C. Scudelari 1270
Legal and Technical Framework of Azorean Protected Areas H, Calado, C. Lopes, J. Porteiro, L. Paramio and P. Monteiro 1386
Coastal Erosion Induced by Human Activities: The Case of Two Embayed Beaches on the Moroccan Coast M. Chaibi and M. Sedrati 1275
Causal Chain Analysis of a Coastal Island as a Tool for Sustainable and Autonomous Resource Management C. C. Chamas and L. F. Scheibe 1234
Winter Sandy Protections of the Northern Adriatic Coast against Flooding: Preliminary Results C. Corbau, U. Simeoni, R. Archetti, A. Peretti and M. Farina 1234
Integrating Geological Knowledge in Planning Methods for Small Islands Coastal Plans R. Coutinho, J. Pacheco, N. Wallenstein, A. Pimentel, R. Marques and R. Silva 1649
Integral Management Applied to Offshore Wind Farms M.D. Esteban, J.J. Diez, J.S. López and V. Negro 1573
The Coastal Artificialization Process. Impacts and Challenges for the Sustainable Management of the Coastal Cities of Santa Catarina (Brazil) J. C. Ferreira, L. Silva and M. Polette 1109
Water Framework Directive Implementation: Intercalibration Exercise for Biological Quality Elements – a Case Study for the South Coast of Portugal P. C. Goela, A. Newton, S. Cristina and B. Fragoso 1162
Effects of Urban Development on the Cereja River and Caeté Estuary (Amazon Coast, Brazil) D.O. Guimarães, L.C.C. Pereira, M. Monteiro, A. Gorayeb and R. M. da Costa 1200

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