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Residual Flow and its Implication to Macro-Tidal Flats in Kyunggi Bay Estuary Of Korea Chang S. Kim , H. S. Lim, J. A. Kim and S. J. Kim 1640
Ship Wave Scattering in Marina Environments I.C. Kim and J.L. Lee 2201
Sediment Transport in the Coastal Zone: An Intercomparison between Numerical Estimates and Field Measurements S. H. C. D. Larangeiro, R. P. M. Taborda and F. S. B. F. Oliveira 1599
Stem Waves along a Vertical Wall: Comparison between Monochromatic and Random Waves Jong-In Lee, Young-Taek Lee, Joo-Young Kim and Jong-Kyu Lee 1709
Wave Scattering and Beach Morphodynamics behind a Permeable Curtain Wall-Pile Breakwater of Finite Length J.Y. Lee, H.M. Kweon and J.L. Lee 1732
The Influence of the Geometric Scale Model on the Physical Modelling of the Wave Propagation and Breaking in a Flume R. Lemos, C.J. Fortes, L. Gil and G. Neves 1647
Modelling Sea Level Extremes from Storm Surges and Wave Setup for Climate Change Assessments in Southeastern Australia K.L. McInnes, J.G. O’Grady and G.D. Hubbert 1639
Numerical Study of Hydrodynamics around an Artificial Surf Reef for São Pedro do Estoril, Portugal A.Mendonça, M.G.Neves and C.J.Fortes 1439
Synthesis of a Validated Nearshore Operational Wave Database Using the Archived NOAA Wave Watch III Ocean Model Data and SWAN Nearshore Model E. Mondon and P. Warner 1722
Evaluation of Nonlinear Numerical Model Performance on the Wave Propagation over a Bar-Trough Profile Beach T. Okamoto, C.J. Fortes and M.G. Neves 1643
Nonlinear Regular Wave Generation in Numerical and Physical Flumes T.C.A. Oliveira, F.X. Gironella, A. Sanchez-Arcilla, J.P. Sierra and M.A. Celigueta 1563
Cross-Shore Sandbar Response to Waves L. Pape, N. G. Plant and B. G. Ruessink 1789
Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential of Port Structures with Earthquake Magnitude Adjustment Duhee Park, Dong-Yeop Kwak, Chang-Koo Cho and Byung-Sik Chun 1669
Implementation of partial reflection boundary conditions in wave propagation model BOUSSIIW L. Pinheiro, C.J. Fortes, J.A. Santos and M Walkley 1644
On the Receding of Storm Surge along Louisiana’s Low-Lying Coast J. L. Rego and C. Li 2117
A Novel Approach to Local Radial Point Interpolation Meshless Method (LRPIM) for Numerical Solution of Groundwater Flow Response to Tidal Fluctuation in a Coastal Confined Aquifer I. Saeedpanah and E. Jabbari 1325
Operational Wave Forecasting System for the Portuguese Coast F. Sansana Silva, J. P. Pinto and S. Almeida 1587
Prediction of Topographic Changes of Sand Spit Using BG Model Masumi Serizawa, Takaaki Uda, Toshiro San-nami, Kou Furuike and Toshinori Ishikawa 1797
Physical and Numerical Modeling of Beach Response to Permeable Low-Crested Coastal Structures J.P. Sierra, X. Gironella, J.M. Alsina, T.A.C. Oliveira, I. Cáceres, C. Mösso and M. Mestres 1400
Wave Focusing in Response to a Dredged Sediment Mound K.C. Spiers and T.R. Healy 1858

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