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Costa da Caparica Artificial Sand Nourishment and Coastal Dynamics F. Veloso-Gomes, J. Costa, A. Rodrigues, F. Taveira-Pinto, J. Pais-Barbosa and L. das Neves 1613
Factors Controlling the Morphodynamics and Geomorphologic Evolution of a Cuspate Foreland in a Volcanic Intraplate Island (Maspalomas, Canary Islands) J. Alcántara-Carrió and A. Fontán 1225
The Use of the GPS in the Identification of Fossil Shore Platforms and its Tectonic Deformation: an Example from the Northern Portuguese Coast M. A. Araújo and A. Gomes 1420
Tidal Hydrodynamics of a Micro-tidal, Wave Dominated Flood-tide Delta: Port Stephens, Australia T. P. Austin, A.D. Short, M.G. Hughes, A. Vila-Concejo, and R. Ranasinghe 1462
On the Modeling of Bio-physical Influences on Seasonal Variation in Sandwave Dynamics B.W. Borsje, M.C. Buijsman, G. Besio, M.B. de Vries, S.J.M.H. Hulscher, P.M.J. Herman and H. Ridderinkhof 1322
Sediment Flux on the High Energy Taranaki Coast, New Zealand N. A. Cowie, T. R. Healy and P. J. McComb 1776
Natural and Antropic Geomorphological Changes in the Inlet of Patos Lagoon Before and After its Fixation R.M.P. Cunha and L.J. Calliari 1393
Linking Human Impacts within an Estuary to Ebb-tidal Delta Evolution K. L. Dallas and P. L. Barnard 1737
Mass Movements and Cliff Retreat along the SW Spanish Coast L. Del Río, F.J. Gracia and J. Benavente 1661
Shelf-break Canyons Versus “Gouf” Canyons: a Comparative Study Based on the Silt-clay Mineralogy of Bottom Sediments from Oporto, Aveiro and Nazaré Submarine Canyons (NW of Portugal) C. Guerreiro, A. Oliveira and A. Rodrigues 1323
Measurement of Sediment Dynamics in the Surf and Swash Zone T. Kakinoki and G. Tsujimoto 1818
Sea-cliff Erosion and Retreat in Semi-enclosed Macrotidal Embayment: Hampyung Bay, West Coast of Korea D.I. Lim J.Y. Choi and H.S. Jung 1458
Shore Platform Denudation Measurements along the Maltese Coastline A. Micallef and A. T. Williams 1670
Coastal Management and Climate Change: an Australian Perspective K. Panayotou 1760
Response of High-energy, Macrotidal Beaches to Seasonal Changes in Wave Conditions: Examples from North Cornwall, UK T. Poate, K. Kingston, G. Masselink and P. Russell 1380
Ancient geomorphological features in shallows of the Venice Lagoon (Italy) F. Rizzetto, L. Tosi, M. Zecchin, G. Brancolini, L. Baradello and C. Tang 1770
Evolution of Coastal Works in Portugal and their Interference with Local Morphodynamics P. Rosa-Santos, F. Veloso-Gomes, F. Taveira-Pinto, R. Silva and J. Pais-Barbosa 1518
Sediment Grain Size Variation on a Coastal Stretch Facing the North Atlantic (NW Portugal) R. Silva, P. Baptista, F. Veloso-Gomes, C. Coelho and F. Taveira-Pinto 1378
Geology and Geomorphology of Papagaios Island, Cabo Frio, SE Brazil C.C. Skrepnek, R.S. Schmitt and J.V. Guerra 1448
A Tale of Two Macro Tidal Estuaries: Differential Morphodynamic Response of the Intertidal Zone to Causeway Construction D. van Proosdij, T. Milligan, G. Bugden and K. Butler 1405

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