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Correlation of breaking wave characteristics with energy dissipation. G. R. Lekshmi and S. A. Sannasiraj. Pg 307-311 2353
Comparison of two wave models for Gold Coast, Australia. D. Strauss, H. Mirferendesk and R. Tomlinson. Pg 312-316 1943
Evaluation of neuro fuzzy and numerical wave prediction models in Lake Ontario. M. H. Kazeminezhad, A. Etmad Shahidi and S. J. Mousavi. Pg 317-321 1850
Extreme waves in the Arabian Gulf. S. Neelamani, K. Al-Salem and K. Rakha. Pg 322-328 2449
Application of a POT model to estimate the extreme significant wave height levels around the Balearic Sea (Western Mediterranean). B. Canellas, A. Orfila, F. J. Mendez, M. Menendez and J. Tintore. Pg 329-333 1653
Sandy beach profile response to sloping seawalls_ An experimental study. J-H. Zheng, D-S. Jeng and H. Mase. Pg 334-337 2116
Viscous attenuation of interfacial waves over a porous seabed. S. J. Williams and D-S. Jeng. Pg 338-342 2181
Numerical analysis of wind-wave climate change and spatial distribution of bottom sediment properties in Sanbanze shallows of Tokyo Bay. H. Achiari and J. Sasaki. Pg 343-347 1743
Run-up heights of tsunami along the eastern coast of the Korean Peninsula. T-M. Ha, Y-S. Cho and M-K. Choi. Pg 348-352 1996
Investigation of sorted bedforms, Tauranga Harbour, New Zealand. K. C. Spiers and T. R. Healy. Pg 353-357 1891
Geomorphologic evolution and mobility of sand barriers in the Nakdong Estuary, South Korea. H.S. Yoon, C.I. Yoo, W.B. Na, I.C. Lee and C.R. Ryu Pg 358-363 2073
Hybrid modelling of scouring_ Deposition in front of a coastal structure. J. P. Sierra, X. Gironella, A. Sanchez-Arcila, J. Sospedra and J. M. Alsina. Pg 364-368 2158
Shore-parallel breakwaters in meso-tidal conditions_ Tidal controls on sediment transport and their longer term regional impacts at Sea Palling, UK. J. C. Bacon et al. Pg 369-373 2793
Parametric study on the prediction of wave-induced liquefaction using an artifical neural network model. H. Zhang, D-S. Jeng, D. Cha and M. Blumenstein. Pg 374-378 2081
Design of scaled movable bed experiments using numerical models. J. M. Alsina, A. Sanchez-Arcilla, X. Gironella and T. E. Baldock. Pg 379-383 2068
Maximum Run-up on the Movable bed of Uniform Materials. C. A. Kuo, J. W. Lai, C. T. Kuo and C. H. Chein. Pg 384-388 2211
A coupled model for an offshore pile, seabed and seawater interaction. J-F. Lu and D-S. Jeng. Pg 389-393 2141
2D nonlinear wave body interaction using semi-ALE. V. Sriram, S. A. Sannasiraj and V. Sundar. Pg 394-399 2115
Airborne LIDAR survey applied to the analysis of the historical evolution of the Arno River Delta (Italy). E. Pranzini. Pg 400-409 1965
Video-derived mapping of estuarine evolution. B. D. Morris, G. Coco, K. R. Bryan and I. L. Turner. Pg 410-414 2066

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