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Sargassum cymosum (Phaeophyceae) in Southern Brazil: Seasonality of Biomass, Recovery After Harvest and Alginate Yield L. L. Mafra Jr. and S. R. Cunha 1355
Macrobenthic Recolonization Processes in Mangroves of Southern Brazil L. F. D. Faraco and P. C. Lana 1451
Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Salt Marsh Colonization Following Causeway Construction in the Bay of Fundy D. van Proosdij and S.M.Townsend 1112
Postglacial Organic Carbon Accumulation in Coastal Zones - a Possible Cause for Varying Atmospheric CO2 levels. Preliminary Data from SW Portugal. T. Boski, D. Moura, V. Correia, H. Martins, C. Veiga-Pires, S. Camacho and A. Wilamowski 987
An Element-by-Element Mild-Slope Model for Wave Propagation Studies J.L.M. Fernandes, M.A.Vaz dos Santos and C.J.E.M. Fortes 1160
MODSHARP: Regional-Scale Numerical Model for Quantifying Groundwater Flux and Contaminant Discharge into the Coastal Zone B. Ataie-Ashtiani 1117
Hydrodynamic of Guaratuba Bay PR, Brazil E.Marone, M.A. Noernberg, I. Dos Santos, L.F. Lautert, O.R.Andreoli, H. Buba and H.D. Fill 1483
Origin of Mud Deposits in aWave Dominated Shallow Inner Continental Shelf of the State of Paraná Coast, Southern Brazil F.A.Veiga, R. J.Angulo, F. Sá, L. L. R. Odreski, M.R. Lamour and S.T. Disaró 988
Hydraulic Characteristics Under Model Seagrasses by Flow Visualization Using the PTV Technique G. Tsujimoto; H.Yamada; T.Kakinoki and S. Kusakabe 1274
Climate Change and Episodes of Severe Erosion at the Jequitinhonha Strandplain, SE Bahia, Brazil J. M. L. Dominguez, L. Martin and A.C.S.P. Bittencourt 1182
Evolution of Coastal Landforms and Sedimentary Environments of the Late Quaternary Period along Central Kerala, Southwest Coast of India A.C. Narayana and C. P. Priju 1582
Public Power Environmental Responsibility in Handling and Withdrawing Solid Refuse of Islands: The Superagüi National Park O. C. Ramos Jr. 1426
Morphodynamics of the Tidal Inlets of Ennore Creek and Pulicat Lake, North Chennai Coast, Southeast India P. Kasinatha Pandian, M. V. Ramanamurthy and S. Ramachandran 1444

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