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Computational Modelling and Field Experiments for Studying the Spreading of Oil Slicks in Vitória Bay Channel, Brazil C.A. Conceição Filho, A.S.F. Mendonça, J.T. A. Chacaltana, D. Rigo, and C.T. Edmilson 1263
3D Numerical Modeling of Pollution Dispersion in Harbor S-T. Wu and L. Tao 1866
The Puerto Rico Tsunami Warning and Mitigation Program A. Mercado-Irizarry, C. Von Hillebrandt, and V. Huerfano 1342
Dunes Intelligent System for Evaluation of Vulnerability and Management of the Coastal Dunes Systems A.O. Silva, A.M. da R. Fernandes, and F. L. Diehl 1528
Coastal Zone Vulnerability and Risk Evaluation. ATool For Decision-Making (An Example InThe Caparica Littoral - Portugal) J. C. Ferreira 1477
Finite Element Modelling of the Hydrodynamics and Water Quality of the Patos Lagoon System, Brazil D.A. Tyrrell and K. J. George 1551
Porto Santo Island: Offshore Wave Characterization and Propagation C.J.E.M. Fortes, A.B. Coli, M.G.O. Neves, and R. Capitão 1459
A Semi-Implicit Semi-Lagrangian Finite Difference Method for the Simulation of the Hydrodynamics of a Pollutant in a Shallow Water Regimen M. Moura Carmona, F. D. Moura Neto, F. F. Ferreira, and M. Van Hombeeck 1119
A Lagrangian Model for Shallow Water Bodies Contaminant Transport C. O. Horita and P. C. C. Rosman 1773
The Shallow Water Waves Equation Based on the Moving Element Method with ADI Scheme F. M. P. Tena and P. C. C. Rosman 1649
Multitemporal Analysis of Geoenvironmental Elements of the Coastal Dynamics of the Region of the Ponta do Tubarão, City of Macau/RN, on the Basis of Remote Sensing Products and Integration in GIS M.V.S. Souto, A. F. Castro, A. M. Grigio, V. E. Amaro, and 1354
Water Exchange Mechanisms Between Ria de Aveiro and the Atlantic Ocean P. A. Silva, M. Ramos, M. Almeida, and J. Dubert 1518
Remote Sensing and GIS Integration for Modelling the Paranaguá Estuarine Complex Brazil M. A. Noernberg, L. F. C. Lautert, A. D. Araújo, E. Marone, R. Angelotti, J. P. B. Netto Jr., and L. A. Krug 1316
Manager System of Sedimentologic Samples R. Santiago, R.L.S. Dazzi, J.T. Menezes, and A.H.F. Klein 1808
Land Use Mapping and Change Detection Assessment in the Eastern Littoral Zone of Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil, Using GIS Techniques F.A.N. de França, R.F. do Amaral, and D. de A. Pereira 1310
Simulation of Wave Propagation along the Northern Coast of Santa Catarina, Brazil J. Abreu de Castilhos, M. A. R. Romeu, J.C.R. Gré 1556
Using GIS to Manage Cetacean Strandings A.S. Barreto, C.G. Moraes, R.M. Sperb and C.H. Bughi 1831
Rastro: Internet Based Tracking System for Fisheries Control R. B. Cabral, R. M. Sperb, R. Wahrlich, and C.H. Bughi 1690
Study of Wind Movement Through the Cellular Automata and Lattice Boltzmann Approach M.A. da R. Ferreira, R.L. Cancian, A.H. da F. Klein, F.M.P. Tena, and B. Chopard 1521
Effects of Sea-water Intrusion Interface on the Flux of Contaminant from Coastal Aquifers into the Coastal Water B. Ataie-Ashtiani and M.A. Seyedabbasi 1438

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