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Non-steady Effects in Sand Transport P.A. Silva and A. Temperville 1774
Bed Profile Changes due to Tsunami Effects on Near Shore Coasts: Tuzla Case Study S.O. Kirca and M.S. Kabdasli 1394
A Geostatistical GIS Model to Identify Cadmium and Zinc Contamination Risk Areas in Sediments of Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro Brazil L.F. de N. Vianna 1429
Application of Geographical Information Systems on Portuguese Coastal Projects J. Pais-Barbosa, F. Veloso-Gomes, and F. Taveira-Pinto 1380
Monitoring of Coastal Dynamics in French Guiana From 16 Years of Spot Satellite Images A. Gardel and N. Gratiot 1629
Reliability Analysis of Rubble Mound Breakwaters by Neural Network Model C. E. Balas and M.L. Koc 1629
Fuzzy Agents: A Hybrid Tool for Exploring Coastal Zone Spatial Processes R.M. Sperb and R.B. Cabral 1618
Litter Categorization of Beaches in Wales, UK by Multi-Layer Neural Networks C.E. Balas, A.T. Williams, A. Ergin, and M.L. Koc 1416
Numerical Simulation of Boston Outfall in Stagnant Ambient Current A.Etemad-Shahidi, A.H. Azimi and N. Hadjizadeh Zaker 1511
A Bacterial Decay Model for Coastal Outfall Plumes J.L.B. Carvalho, R.C. Feitosa, P.C.C. Rosman, and P.J.W. Roberts 1544
3-D Numerical Modelling of Transport Processes in Bay of Fethiye, Turkey L. Balas and A. Kücükosmanoglu 1375
Eutrophication of Sediments in the Cullera Bay: Composition and Abundance of Macrobenthos M. Rodilla; E. Martí; S. Falco; J.G. DelRío; J.P. Sierra and A. Sánchez-Arcilla 1292
Time Dependent Response of a Coastal Upwelling Region: A Finite Element Model C.A.A. Carbonel Huaman and A.C.N. Galeão 1547
Computational Modelling of Mangrove Effects on the Hydrodynamics of Vitoria Bay, Espírito Santo Brazil D. Rigo and J.T.A. Chacaltana 1494
Coastal Bays as a Sink for Pollutants and Sediment M. Mestres, A. Sánchez-Arcilla, J.P. Sierra, C. Mösso, P.R.A. Tagliani, O. O. Möller, and L.F.H. Niencheski 1504
Molluscan Shellfish Bacterial Contamination in Rio Formosa Costal Lagoon: A Modelling Approach F. Martins, M.P. Reis, R. Neves, A.P. Cravo, A. Brito, and A. Venâncio 1338
Morphologically Induced Changes in the Circulation of the Patos Lagoon Estuary Brazil R.V. Schiller, R.O. Cecílio, and E.H.L. Fernandes 1399
Numerical Modeling of the Hydrodynamics in the Coastal Area of São Paulo State Brazil J. Harari, R. Camargo, C.A.S. França, A. R. Mesquita, and S.S. Picarelli 1633
Modelling of Fine-Grained Sediment Transport and Dredging Material Dumpings at the Belgian Continental Shelf D. Van den Eynde and M. Fettweis 1410
Wave Induced Flow and Hydraulic Performances of Porous Seawall M.F. Karim and K. Tanimoto 1814

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