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A Guideline to Molluscan Bivalve Reproductive Studies in Brazilian Marine Management Areas C. M. y Araújo and C.G. Nunes 1511
Morphodynamics of a Macrotidal Beach: Ajuruteua, Bragança North Brazil M.A. M. da S.Alves and M. El-Robrini 1492
Social Learning and the Adaptive Management Framework T. F. Smith and N. S. Lazarow 1761
Monitoring the Foredune Restoration by Fences at Buenos Aires Coast R. A. López and S. C. Marcomini 1715
Ecotourism as a Tool for the Conservation of Endangered Species in the Coastal Region of Santa Catarina, Brazil O. Carvalho-Junior and A. D. Schmidt 1791
Using the Precautionary Principle to Measure Recovery of Coastal Habitats: The Case of a Seagrass Bed W. M. Widmer 1504
Diagnosis and Environmental Planning for Paranaguá – PR – Brazil L.F. Lautert, F. Sá, E Machado, N.Brandini, E. Marone, M.A. Noernberg, and C. Mauro 1646
Geology, Land uses and Quaternary Paleogeographic Evolution of Estaleiro Beach in Santa Catarina State, Southern Brazil R. M. Petermann, A. H. Amin Jr, A. C. Beaumord, and L. Strefling 1315
Sea Atelier An Environmental Education Program R. C. Marenzi, A. W. C. Marenzi, G. C. Manzoni, A. Vinholi, and C. Angioletti 1619
The Socio-Environmental Responsibility in Brazilian Coastal Areas: The Case of the Fishing Sector F. T. Stori, T. A. Cardoso, M. A. B. Beccato 1385
Sandy Coastal Ecosystems and Effects of Disturbance in Central Italy A. Acosta, S. Ercole, A. Stanisci, and C. Blasi 1278
Underwater Trails: A New Possibility of Marine Tourism 1657
The Juridical Guardianship of Marine Waters in Brazil and the National Politic Managment of Hidric Recourses. International Acts and Incident National Legislation 1232
An Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for Zoning Marine Touristic Area in Northern-Central Coast of Santa Catarina State/Brazil: Basis for Discussion 1234
The Environmental Municipal Councils as an Instrument in Coastal Integrated Management: The Área de Proteção Ambiental Costa dos Corais(Al/Pe) Experience 1364
Management and Erosion Mitigation Issues Related to Ebb Channel Repositioning: Rich Inlet, North Carolina, USA C.W. Jackson, W.J. Cleary and A.C. Knierim 1214
Quantification of Shoreline change in Salaverry, Peru J. Leon and C. Tavares Correa 1741
Environmental Threats in the Central and Northern Coast of Santa Catarina State: An Overview A.C. Beaumord and F.L. Diehl 1337
Natural and Anthropogenic Input of Heavy Metals in Sediments from Bahía Blanca Estuary (Argentina) L.E. Grecco, A. O. Marcos, E.A. Gómez, S. Botté, and J. Marcovechio 1220
Heavy Metals Pollution in the Sediments of the Ruwais Industrial Complex (RIC), the Offshore Area, United Arab Emirates A.A.El-Sammak 1340

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