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Enhancing Dune Function and Landscape Integrity Using Active and Passive Bio-Engineering, Bay of Plenty Coast, New Zealand (G.K. Jenks & L.A. Brake) 1786
Sediment Alterations in Response to Marine Outfall Operation off Lisbon, Portugal_A Sediment Quality Triad Study (V. Quintino, A.M. Rodrigues, A. Re, M.P. Pestana, S. Silva, & H. Castro) 1641
Dynamics of a Nearshore Dredged-Sand Mound on a Rocky, High-Energy Coast (Peter J. McComb & Kerry P. Black) 1911
Adverse Impacts of Human Development on China's Coastal Area_Management Issues and Implications (Mukang Han, Lun Wu, Yu Liu, & Yuefeng Liu) 2015
Beach Profile Monitoring_How Frequent is Sufficient (R. Keith Smith & Andrew P. Benson) 2284
Beach-dune Systems in a Macrotidal Environment along the Northern French Coast_English Channel and Southern North Sea (Y. Battian-Queney, J. Fauchois, P. Deboudt, & P. Lanoy-Ratel) 1604
Dune Revegetation with Native Species of Restinga on the Southern Coast of Brazil (M. Scherer-Widmer) 2080
Wind Flow and Topographic Steering within a Trough Blowout (Patrick A. Hesp & Andrea Pringle) 2318
Post Emplacement Dune Evolution of Atlantic Coastal Dunes, Northwest Ireland (Gillian Mckenzie & J. Andrew G. Cooper) 2015
Equivalence Tests and Sedimentary Data_Dredge Spoil Disposal at Pine Harbour Marina, Auckland (Russell G. Cole, Graham McBride, & Terry R. Healy) 1853
Impact of Clam Harvesting on Benthic Nitrifiers in Sandy Intertidal Sediments of the Ria Formosa Coastal Lagoon, Portugal (C. Rocha, S. Mesquita, S. Vidal, & H. Galvao) 2002
The Morphological Response of Atoll Islands to Sea-Level Rise_Part 1_Modifications to the Shoreface Translation Model (P.J. Cowell & P.S. Kench) 2099
Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation (IPO)_A Mechanism for Forcing Decadal Scale Coastal Change on the Northeast Coast of New Zealand (Willem P. de Lange) 2049
The Morphological Response of Atoll Islands to Sea-Level Rise_Part 2_Application of the Modified Shoreface Translation Model (P.J. Cowell & P.S. Kench) 2403
Sea Level Fluctuations in West Taiwan (W.J. Chen & C.T. Kuo) 2512
A Concept of Beach Protection with Submerged Breakwaters (Yong-Sik Cho, Sung Bum Yoon, Jong-In Lee, & Tae-Hoon Yoon) 2202
Performance of a Horizontal Plate with Perforations for Shoreline Protection (G. Tsujimoto, S. Kakuno, K. Takehara, & T. Shigematsu) 2525

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