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New JCR Impact Factor and Rankings

Now Available on BioOne


   As you may know, Thomson Reuters has just released the 2017 edition of their Journal Citation Reports® using 2016 Web of Science™ (ISI) data. Among other statistics, these numbers provide the new Impact Factor and subject category rankings for the Journal of Coastal Research (JCR).

   We are pleased to report the JCR's Impact Factor has increased to 0.915, which carries a ranking of 156/175 in Multidisciplinary Geosciences, 193/229 in Environmental Sciences, and 41/49 in Physical Geography. To celebrate this great news, CERF is pleased to offer open access to the 10 most read JCR articles on BioOne over the past 12 calendar months, which are listed below:

1. Shoreline Definition and Detection: A Review (Boak and Turner)

2. Evolution of the Bengal Delta and Its Prevailing Processes (Akter et al.)

3. Living with Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change: A Case Study of the Netherlands (Van Koningsveld et al.)

4. Coastal and Environmental Remote Sensing from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: An Overview (Klemas)

5. Acceleration in European Mean Sea Level? A New Insight Using Improved Tools (Watson)

6. Conceptual Model of the Effects of Sea Level Rise on Sandy Coasts (Davidson-Arnott)

7. Towards Successful Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise along Europe's Coasts (Tol, Klein, and Nicholls)

8. Canons of Coastal Engineering in the United Kingdom: Seawalls/Groynes, a Century of Change? (Williams, Giardino, and Pranzini)

9. Tropical Storm and Hurricane Impacts on a Gulf Coast Estuary: Apalachicola Bay, Florida (Edmiston et al.)

10. Remote Sensing of Floods and Flood-Prone Areas: An Overview (Klemas)


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